Error 406 (Not Acceptable)

It appears the request you have made to this website was blocked due to one of two reasons:

a) The request you made contains malicious content that maybe used to exploit applications. If you are the site developer, please contact us for further information.

** OR **

b) Your IP address ( appears to have been infected with a virus or trojan malware in the past 72hrs. You must contact your IT support personnel for further assistant.

What can I do?

We recommend that you first check your IP address above in the XBL database at:

If your IP address is listed in the XBL or CBL list then you must inspect all the systems within your network that connect to the internet for viruses. If you are within a Local Network, a Local Office or a Corporate Network, please notify your System Administrator.

Here are some helpful tips on how to check your system for hidden viruses, and better protect yourself in the future (Important note: We don't recommend running more than one Anti-Virus or Anti-Spyware Program at once):

    a) Download, Install and run Spyware Doctor Starter from
    b) Download, Install and run Norton Security Scan from
    c) If malicious content is found using the above two systems, we recommend that you do more vigorous checking for hidden malwares
        using Dr. Web CureIt:
    d) You can also do further checking using Prevx
    e) For Advanced users, you can also try Microsoft Rootkit Revealer to show any hidden content at: (Please note, Rootkit Revealer may generate false positives)

If not currently using an Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware, we would urge you to purchase one soon. In the mean time, you can try these free real-time scanning alternatives: or

We also strongly encourage you to check and install the latest Windows Security Updates from Microsoft: Additionally, you can use the following tools to check for any out-of-date applications installed on your system:

- MBSA from Microsoft:

- Secunia Scanner:


How do I remove my IP Address?

If you've inspected your systems and you're confident they're clean of any malicious contents,
you can request removal of your IP address at:


Anything else I should be doing?

If your system turned out to be infected with viruses, we also recommend that you change all your passwords. This is an important step to prevent hijackers from stealing sensitive information off your network. This is a great tool to check your passwords for weaknesses:


Who can I contact for further questions?

Click Here to Email us